Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Baby #3!!

We went to my 20 week ultrasound yesterday to find out we're having a Baby Girl!!! We're super excited. It will definitely be a change from what we're used to around here.  It still hasn't quite sunk in - mostly because we're busy thinking about the Christmas Holiday and everything that comes with it (i.e. shopping, travel plans, parties, finishing projects, etc). I think once after the New Year we'll be able to sit down and plan for a Girl!

Brennan decided a few weeks ago that instead of Bobazon (his original name for the baby), he in fact wants to name this baby Bevor (Like Trevor??). Logan told Brennan we needed to buy girls clothes since all we have are boy clothes. Brennan was pretty adamant we go to the store right after the ultrasound. We did run to Target for some other errands and walked past the baby girl clothes. We didn't buy anything for the new baby (because I'm always one to look for a deal on kids clothes - and nothing was on a great sale), but Brennan got some new underwear. He was quite pleased :) and forgot all about the fact we didn't get baby girl clothes.

We have some things to prepare in the next few months. The main things are: 1 - moving the boys in the same room and 2 - getting a bunk bed for the boys. And of course many more things that I'm sure will arise. We'll see how this "two to three kids" things goes.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Brennan's 4th Birthday!!

 (Better late than never right?)
I was in California with Edith the weekend before Brennan's Birthday. Logan was kind enough to watch the boys while I left. On Saturday Logan decided to make Brennan a birthday cake! They put candles on the cake and sang to him as well. An early birthday I guess? When Logan told him Sunday night that the next day was his birthday he was so excited and said, "Am I going to be 5?" ha ha! I had to laugh. Every birthday you turn a year older right? How was he supposed to know the Saturday cake and singing (even one present) wasn't his real birthday? That's why this birthday cake is half eaten into. I wasn't about to make another cake and have 2 cakes sitting around for us to eat. 1 is enough.
 Sweet boy! Blowing out his candles.

Two presents from Mom and Dad. Sock! How exiting right? He actually loved them and still talks about his new birthday socks.
Piggy Bank. Brennan has been fascinated with money lately. He had a little ceramic we were putting money in for a while. I figured I would get him a real bank. He's been collecting aluminum cans and plastic bottles for money to put in his bank (you know $.25-$.75 at a time). He is thrilled to earn money and put it in his bank. We just don't drink soda or buy bottled water. . . . so it's few and far between his can runs.


This Halloween we went to three event. First the Zoo Boo at the city zoo, second our ward party Trunk or Treat, and third the Children's Museum. We didn't take out kids out trick or treating in the neighborhood because I felt like they had had enough Halloween. By that I mean that had plenty of candy! Brennan really enjoyed handing out candy at our doorstep and will enjoy going next year. Maybe I'm a party pooper, but honestly he didn't know what he was missing and he has already loved the idea of Halloween.
Brennan was the robot he was last year. I wasn't going to argue with him when he didn't want to be anything else! Easy enough. 
Trevor was a puppy. It couldn't have been a more fitting costume. Trevor is obsessed with dogs! He LOVED them. He sure was pretty cute in this costume! My sister made this costume for her son (who is now almost 12), shared with my nephew, let Brennan wear and then passed to Trevor! It's great to re-use and recycle right? (Above and below pictures from the Children's Museum on October 31st, this was our last event - sorry out of order)

The Zoo Boo. Brennan had been talking about going to this for weeks after I told him I purchased tickets. He was thrilled to wear his costume for the first time of the year.
Logan was able to go with us for a short hour an a half before he had to head to work (working the Saturday night call shift).
 Trevor feeling some fur while Brennan is happily posing.

 Trying to get a group shot. Trevor wanted nothing to do with it.
 Happy Puppy with his Daddy. This boy (and Brennan) love their Dad so much!

Ward Party Trunk or Treat. This was second event of the holiday. Brennan sure loved this one most I'm sure - because of all the candy. We still have some up on our fridge for after lunch treats.
 Brennan with his cute friends behind him. This was their costume parade. Trevor and Dad!
Every year our ward has a chili cook off. People bring their favorite pot of chili and people taste and vote. It was great to try so many recipes. The one I loved the most won! I asked for the recipe and we've been enjoying it for dinner the last few nights!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Our little eater!

Trevor has always been a great eater! Lately he has done such a good job of feeding himself. His utensil skills are amazing. Almost better than Brennan ;) When it's meal time I put food in front of him and hand him a spoon or fork. Then I proceed to eat my meal and encourage Brennan to eat his. Trevor eats his meal with no questions and I really don't have to help him (occasionally he'll hold out his fork and make a noise that he wants help putting some food on it). Brennan, on the other hand, is the one who needs special attention at meals. Man, I wonder if I waited too long to let Brennan feed himself. I never did like to clean up messes. A big part of it really is personalities. Trevor knows when we sit down at the table (i.e. his booster seat) it means to eat and not play around. I sure hope Trevor can teach a thing or two to his brother.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New Addition!

We're going to be needing one of these soon!!
We will be adding Baby #3 to our family April 24th!

Brennan says it's going to be a girl and we're going to name her "Baby Babazon"! HA! Brennan is a crack up and we love it and refer to the future baby as Baby Babazon. 

Training for my half marathon was trickier this year because of being pregnant. I wasn't always feeling great when I needed to get my runs in. However, the day of my run was perfect and I felt great! 

We're definitely in for another adventure. We'll see how it is going from 2 kids to 3.

Hartford Half Marathon - round two

My sister and I drove to Hartford CT this past weekend to run the Hartford ING Half Marathon for the second year in a row. It's always fun to run the same race twice to try for a better time and see the course again. This year Logan and my boys stayed home and didn't have to be drug along. Once again Logan (and great friends) was super great to let me go. I tell you, our boys sure love him and love any extra time they can get with him. 

This year was colder than last year. The race morning started out at 27 outside. It was maybe 38/40 by the time we finished at 10am. It was actually perfect. I wore shorts with a tank top and long sleeve shirt. My sister gave me her gloves walking to the starting line because I forgot mine. I have circulation issues with my fingers in the cold. They go numb and turn blue and then start to hurt (Raynauds?) I was so happy to wear the gloves because I wore them the whole time. I didn't even need to take my long sleeve shirt off. When we ran into shade areas there was a slight breeze and frost still on the grass. It was perfect running conditions! Not too hot or cold.

13,000 people run the marathon, half marathon, and a 5k. I love that there are so many people because, as a runner, you are always surrounded by people. You pass people you get passed. It's great to have a constant slow of people around you. 
Some of my favorite races have 10,000 + people running in them. (Crazy Legs)

 Taken by the ING photographers somewhere along the race.

Race photo. LOTS of people!!!

California Trip

Two weekends ago I was able to go to California to visit my sister. Because of great friends and a wonderful husband I was able to go alone and leave my two boys. It really was only a long weekend trip (Thursday-Sunday).

I flew down to Southern California to participate in Sew Funky Market Place with my sister. We both have Etsy shops and have been selling online for a few years . Edith has recently participated in a few craft fairs and has plans for more in the future. We had talked early this year about me joining her for this market and it just happened to work out.

Here is our booth set up together. My stuff was on the right side of the table, Edith's on the left. I brought my lunch bags, snack sacks, and yoga mat bags. Edith has beautiful zipper pouches and kids bags. For a closer look check them out here.
We wanted to take a picture next to each other to see how we do? look like each other. Many people asked if we were twins. Maybe not twins but I think you can tell we're sisters.  Our noses are different :)

Our beautiful booth.  This was a great experience for me to participate in a market. It was fun to meet others starting out and vendors who have been back time and time again.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Busy Fall and Pre-School

Life just doesn't seem to slow down. I keep thinking things will slow down a bit after . . . (fill in the blank), but things just seem to keep going. I'm figuring out that's what life is all about.

Logan painted our deck last weekend. He finished it a while ago, but it still needed to be stained. He just got busy one day and finished it one afternoon. (you can see it in the pictures below) Logan has also been busy with scouts. He planned a high adventure trip for the boys since they didn't attend the stake trip. Logan has also been running more - his knee hasn't been bothering him :) We have a few 5k's we're going to run together this next month.

I've been busy with Etsy lately. I guess that's a good thing right? I'm actually flying to California the first week in October to attend a craft fair with my sister. I've been busy sewing for that AND trying to keep up with Etsy orders. I've also been training for the Hartford ING half marathon. I ran it last year with my sister and we're planning on doing it again this year. It's the 2nd weekend in October. Yes, October will also be a busy month.

Brennan started pre-school last week. He was really excited to go. Brennan went around to a few pre-schools in the area to see which one we liked better. He was happy with the one we chose just like Logan and I are.

 Trevor and Brennan before taking Brennan to his first day. They sure play well together.
I'm looking into finding a music class or story time for Trevor and I while Brennan is at school. I feel like our little one needs some one on one attention. He's pretty easy going and happy with whatever :) I hope it doesn't change.
Little buddies!

Sunday, July 22, 2012


My sister and her family came to NY a few days before the rest of my family got here. I went into NYC with them for the weekend. One of my older nieces watched my boys and Beth's youngest daughter Friday while Logan was at work and then Logan watched them Saturday and Sunday. When we got home Sunday night my brother and his family were there! It was a great start to a fun family reunion.

Since I didn't bring my camera along these pictures are from my phone. There are only a few of our trip. Fun nonetheless. :)
Here's the apartment we stayed in. It was a great place! 

Magnolia's Bakery. I'm not into cupcakes - give me a brownie any day - but we were in Grand Central Station and had to stop by. We ended up getting one. Who could resist?
Grand Central. What a beautiful building! I would have loved to see it right after it was built with busy train travelers walking about the station. Today is no different and with buses, subways, and trains the station is never asleep.

United Nations building. Grand Assembly Hall. We happened to go the day there was an international choir concert.

 Lady Liberty.

Ground Zero Memorial Fountains (only one of them in this picture obviously). We met some men who were on the clean up scene from September 2001 to January 2002. SWAT team, I believe? This was the first time back for both of them. Emotions were so high they couldn't bring themselves to come back until that day. It was pretty neat to hear their accounts. The one speaking most had goose bumps all over his skin. It was intense.

Central Park. This day was. so. HOT.  it was in the 90's with high humidity. My sister and her family live in California and are used to 100+ weather. The humidity mixed in was even hot for them! It was gross. We decided to take a joint into FAO Schwartz so we wouldn't die of heat exhaustion.

The famous large piano.

 Pretty awesome sculptures.

Logan was sweet enough to stay with these little ones. Thanks again Logan!