Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Joy School

This school year 4 other friends and myself did Joy School with our kids. We each took turns teaching each Tuesday mornings. It was great to have one day a week where Brennan got to be with his friends and I was able to be at home getting some things done (obviously days I didn't teach). Brennan has learned a lot this year. Mostly how to get along better with friends and be in a group of other kids and have fun. I'm glad we did and so is Brennan!

Today was about 90 degrees and humid! We decided we would get the kids and moms together for Joy School today. It was a perfect day for the kids to run around in the sprinkler and not get cold.

 Robert really wanted a picture of the water in his bucket :)

Here are some pictures of the 5 Joy School kids + two younger siblings in the mix.

I was hoping to have them all in a group (not so much the line they are in) and look up at me. I guess I forgot it was pretty sunny and they would be looking towards the bright sky. I guess Brennan decided he didn't want to look up. . .

 Blowing bubbles and getting water.
 The three sweet girls - Eleanor, Ada, and Bella.


 The Joy School Group (plus Joseph).

Monday, May 21, 2012

Camping and Watkins Glen

This weekend we went camping for the first time with two kids! It was perfect. We couldn't have asked for better weather and better behavior from our boys.  We went to Fillmore Glen with some friends from Madison who now live in Ithaca. It was fun to hang out with them and their daughter (almost 1 yr). I'm sad I didn't get many pictures of our actual campsite.
We set up two tents. Logan and Trevor slept in our 4 man tent with the pack and play. Brennan and I slept in our 2 man tent. Trevor went down like a charm - I was shocked. He did go to bed late the night before and only had one nap the day of camping. Brennan however stayed up late. We let him stay by the fire and make s'mores.  At one point Brennan said he was ready for bed and wanted to go to sleep. Can't argue with that! I took him into the tent and got him settled. I then went back out to the fire. Like every night, Brennan wiggled around and talked in the tent. After about 30 minutes he decided he wanted to join us again at the fire. He stayed until about 10:30pm when we all went to bed. When we were in the tent he wiggled a bit and then leaned over and said, "Mom, I love you so much!" I loved it. What a perfect way to end the day.
Every time Brennan wiggled, in the night, I woke up to see if he was covered. His blanket was usually off of him. Trevor woke up at 5:45am and Brennan slept until 8am (which means I was able to sleep in as well). 
The next morning we decided to drive to Watkins Glen since the Fillmore Glen gorge trail was closed. We left about 10am and got to Fillmore Glen at about 11am. Not bad. Trevor was able to take a nap - which was very helpful.
Off to a great start! Trevor happy in his pack and Brennan happy to walk. We didn't really have a plan of distance, we just headed out. I don't think any of us knew how long the trail would be.  It's upstate NY, it wasn't going to be too long.
Brennan was showing me his different faces he does when he gets pictures taken. Silly kid. I don't know where he got this from?
Brennan walked/ran the whole trail! Not to mention stopped MANY times to explore his surroundings.

Me trying to keep Brennan from climbing over an edge. When we first started the trail there was a lady gasping with fright when I wasn't right by Brennan's side when he got up to see over an edge. I guess I figured I should be a better mom the rest of the trail and be right next to him.
 Heading under a small waterfall. Brennan wasn't always too happy when his feet got wet and muddy.

 Trevor was a sport! He loved to walk under water and didn't complain at all.
 Brennan trying to find new paths to walk on. These little detours took a long time.
Brennan not wanting to stop and stand on the bridge for a picture. He was happy to look over the edge behind the bridge.

Brennan wasn't thrilled to take a family picture. 

The trail ended up being 1.5 miles out. Which is fine right. Not when you have a 3 year old needing to use the bathroom at 1.3 of a mile.  This trail was thin and packed with people. There wasn't a place to step to the side to let a little boy go.  Luckily by the time I figured he had to go to the bathroom we were near the end. Logan and Johnny ran to the entrance of the trail to get our cars. Then they drove up to the end (I guess there were two entrances). It worked out perfectly.

Here's to a happy camping weekend and more to come!

Thursday, May 17, 2012


 Again these pictures are from my phone from the last few months.
New down suit from Grandma Dance for his birthday! It worked very well for stroller rides when it was sold. He loved it and was a little confused by the hood!
Trevor's favorite toy! We bought this slide in Madison for Brennan during the winter months when it was too cold to go outside. It's been a favorite every since.
 Loves his toy cupboard!

 Loves swings! He gets so mad when I take him out of the swings. He could swing all day.
He also loves his milk cup!  Whether milk or water Trevor loves this straw cup.
Cars sure keep this boy busy. He loves to play with Brennan's trains and cars on our train table. This is no different at the children's museum with the ramp for cars to race.
Trevor loved the train at the children's museum. He has been on it a few times when he was younger with Brennan (since I have to ride with Brennan and since Trevor has to ride with me) but it had been a while (try 5months??) He loved looking around trying to figure out what he was riding on.
Doggies!! Trevor is obsessed with dogs. We bought him the little gold dog in the upper right for Easter. He can't get enough of it.  Surprizingly enough he can say doggie! Of course in his 14 year old talking, but he's got the d and g sound in there! He woofs like dogs every time he sees one in person, in a book, or a stuffed animal.
At the zoo with Dad. Looking at the wolfs in this picture! Trevor's favorite animals at the zoo.


Here are some pictures I've finally uploaded from my phone. They have been taken over the last few months. They are mostly of Brennan and all his crazy adventures.
Brennan loves the dump trucks at the children's museum. He could play there the whole time if I let him. We need to find him a big dump truck to play with outside our house.
Loving wheelbarrow rides from Dad! Brennan does a pretty good job holding onto Trevor so he doesn't fall out.
These pictures are all taken on different days with Brennan's "mail bag". My sister made this and sells them in her  Etsy Shop. Brennan loves to fill it with his toys and take it where ever he goes.
Outside on his tricycle bring his things with him.

Brennan climbed into Trevor's booster seat while Trevor was napping and I was cutting out fabric. It was a perfect place for him to sit and eat his lunch. I loved that his food didn't get on the table where I was working.  Kind of funny. He likes to buckle himself but can't unbuckle the buckles yet.
The Tin Man at the museum (I know this is totally blurry, he wouldn't stand still for me to take a picture). He also tried on the Lion suit and roared very load!! ha ha his new favorite animal to pretent to be.
At the zoo with the boys. The polar bears were a hit. Brennan looked at their mouths and asked me if they were just pretend. After I told him they were he happily ran closer and played all over them. Trevor kept making his doggy noise and loves them too!
 Spider web at the Zoo. He wanted to hold that spot until I took a picture.
Play group at the park across the street from our house. Brennan is just a bit shorter than his friends ;)
Talking a walk at Seneca Park. It was actually a cold day (sunny, but cold). I wanted to keep walking to stay warm (because I hadn't dressed warm enough) but Brennan just wanted to stop and see the ducks and geese. He loves animals and observing them.