Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Logan's conference - Hazel's complicated (if you will) appearance.

These are some random pictures while Logan was at the ARRS conference in D.C. this April. I was still pregnant when he left and my sister Jana came to visit and stay with my while he was gone - ya know, if I were to go into labor and have a baby while he was gone or something crazy like that. It was so nice of her to take 3 days off work. Not to mention those days were days her husband was in Qatar and he own kids needed looking after!!
Throughout the week Logan sent me these text message pictures. Kind of random - but they remind me of that week.

The main reason Logan went to this conference when I was 38 weeks pregnant was because his research was accepted to be shared at the conference. We knew back in the fall that it would fall during the last few weeks of my pregnancy, but decided to plan on him going anyway.  Since the hospital was paying for this trip, he bought a one way ticket to D.C. and figured he'd just get a quick flight home if I went into labor. It was a relatively quick flight and my labors haven't been super quick in the past.
About a month before the conference Logan learned he earned an award for his research and they asked him to speak (no this picture is not of Logan speaking - ha!). Of course they wanted him to speak on Friday - the last day of his stay. Hmm, that made things interesting.. . .

Jana was going to be with me Saturday-Wednesday. She had to leave Wednesday night to be back to work on Thursday and Friday. Logan was asked to talk on Friday and had a plane ticket (he decided to buy his ticket Sunday of being in D.C.) to come home Friday late afternoon. Again I was a bit nervous of what would happen Wednesday night- Friday night. Sure prayed that things would be well.

Saturday and Sunday were great having Jana to hang out with. She was on vacation and I was just waiting - nothing planned for me. We went to the lake on Monday because the weather was beautiful. The boys played in the sand and Jana went for a 5 mile run. She was training for a marathon. When we got in the van to go home she asked if we could do the same thing the next day! Sure, why not?

That night we stayed up until 11:30? 11:45pm talking and me thinking my baby could come any time. 4am I woke up to use the bathroom and got back in bed. About 4:20am I rolled over once in bed and heard a pop and my water broke. My water has never broken with my first two boys. I didn't really know if that's what it was at first. I know I didn't wet my self because I had just used the bathroom. It wasn't a huge gush of water and so I was confused as to what to do. Of course in the middle of the night this happened. I did have some friends on call, but I wasn't having contractions or anything. I called the Dr on call and figured my water had broken. I told her I'd come in that day - but wasn't sure when. I got back in bed and about 5:30 contractions started. They were pretty intense right away! I was worried because #1 - my water has always broke when I was a 10 and ready to push with both boys and #2 - these contractions were pretty intense already. I didn't know how long I had. I know things are supposed to go quicker with consecutive kids.

I woke Jana up and 6am and then we got ready to go. I called my friend and she said she'd head over. My contractions settled down a bit (not has bad or as long) while we got ready to go and luckily my boys both woke up on their own and I could dress them and feed them breakfast while my friend was headed over.
Then we headed to the hospital :) I forgot my bag - wallet, insurance info, etc and realized it right before we pulled into the hospital. We turned around to get it at my house and then headed back to the hospital. They didn't even ask me for anything once I was there.

Easter 2013

 Easter at our house this year was a bit more fun as we're settling into some traditions.
 One of those traditions being: Pumpkin baskets for Easter Baskets. I guess using the pumpkin basket last year for Brennan-last minute-has turned into tradition for Brennan. He doesn't know any different and went to find it when I told him about a play group easter egg hunt this year. He even found Trevors basket. Great! I guess we (ie Easter Bunny) don't have to get them much in the future right?
 Dying the eggs. The boys LOVED this activity.
 Love these poses - who knows why he put his hands here, but he's pretty cute.

 Showing their eggs