Sunday, January 29, 2012

Snow Plow

One of the first things we purchased this fall was a good snow blower since Rochester gets so much snow every year. We also live in the snow belt 2-3 miles south of Lake Ontario. Ever since we bought the snow blower Brennan has been so excited to use it with Daddy. Logan told Brennan all about how to use it when the grass was still green outside. He couldn't get enough of the lawn mower and NOW the snow blower! So much excitement for a 3 year old.

Well, this winter has been unusually warm and dry (snow wise). It would snow a bit and then melt. Or it would snow and only be a dusting. A few weeks ago we had a real snow - 4"+. Brennan was so excited to get outside with Dad and plow the snow.

Trevor came along for the ride as well. This is a 12 month old snow suit that our neighbors in Madison gave us. I don't know what 12 month old boy is this tall. I guess it was nice to keep his feet covered since he's not walking yet.

These are taken from inside our house. Trevor and I went outside to watch the first half of the driveway. Brennan wanted to walk with Logan the whole time. It made for a slow clean up. Hot chocolate is always in order after playing in the snow - Brennan knows that.