Monday, January 27, 2014

Winter in NY

 Hazel sure loves to play with her brothers toys when they share. This Woody is her favorite.
All bundled up! Trevor and Hazel were both too sick to go to church. So why not take them on a walk in the cold? They were warm enough and with Logan as their Dad, why stay inside?

Our standing girl. She's getting so big and strong, yet still teeny tiny. She's 5th percent in height and 10th percent in weight.
 Everyone loves the red swing at the park. I still don't understand why.
Butterfly garden at the children's museum. The first time in 2.5 years that we've lived here that we went to check it out. The boys loved it! So did Logan and I :) Hazel is always a sport to go along with anything. . . unless it's nap or bed time. . . then she'll let you know.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Fall catch-up.

Its has been ages since I've updated this blog. Um, over 9 months. . .  I figured rather than going back and capturing everything I'll just fill this post with pictures and talk about our fall to now a bit. . .

My third year running the Hartford CT half marathon with my sister. Hazel accompanied me on this trip. Of course I didn't push her in the stroller :) my niece watched her in the hotel. Jana's oldest daughter also ran with us and did awesome! I hope to run this one more more and make it 4 for the 4 years we've lived in the East. 
While I was running, Logan took the boys to a nearby ski resort up the chair lift to see the fall colors. They also got some great pumpkins.

 Hot chocolate is a huge hit around here.
 Apple sauce is always a fun family activity. Brennan is concentrating pretty hard here.

Brennan's 5th Birthday. He always requests Chicken Pesto Pizza. We never get sick of it and I'm happy he loves it!

We took cupcakes to Brennan's preschool and Trevor go to stay for the snack as well. He loves his brother and would love to stay with him at preschool the whole day. Stay on his own in his own class?. . . We'll I'm not sure how Trevor would take that yet. Another year at least. 

San Diego Zoo! 
My boys love animals and had been talking about going to this zoo for months. My family had a reunion in Southern CA (pictures are too many to post here. That's a whole post of its own) and we wanted to go to the zoo as well. Disney land is too expensive and really. . . I'd rather take my kids when they're really old enough to remember it. Yes, I remember from kindergarten, but not well enough that I want to spend over $100 on each person. Perhaps when they're 8 and 10?
We had to rent a stroller because we didn't bring one on the plane. I was thinking it would be mostly for Hazel, but that idea fizzled out at soon as it came to my mind. It was nice to push Brennan and Trevor or we would have gotten no where.

I was surprised how well all three of us did flying. The older boys were a breeze. Hazel was the tricky one. The one who needs to nap and no where to nap. Luckily we got a middle seat on two of the 4 legs.

 Christmas! Brennan asking for his chocolate bar for the second year in a row. He figured he got it the first year, why not ask again. haha. He wanted a cross bow but I told him he had to be 8 and Santa wouldn't bring it for him. So he thought about a plan B and chocolate is was.

 Gingerbread houses with friends!

 Christmas Morning
The kids in the morning before going to the living room. Brennan wanted Hazel to wear a headband because, "she's a girl".

I know this is out of order but I'm having troubles with blogger and moving pictures :(

 Halloween! Robin Hood, Bob the Builder, and Popcorn. They boys were really into Halloween this year. WE went to the Zoo Boo, Ward Party, Pre-school party and trick-or-treating (they didn't go last year).

Family pictures. My Sister Beth took these pictures at the reunion. I love them and we printed them right away.

Lovely Hazel and Trevor and his new trick!