Sunday, October 28, 2012

Our little eater!

Trevor has always been a great eater! Lately he has done such a good job of feeding himself. His utensil skills are amazing. Almost better than Brennan ;) When it's meal time I put food in front of him and hand him a spoon or fork. Then I proceed to eat my meal and encourage Brennan to eat his. Trevor eats his meal with no questions and I really don't have to help him (occasionally he'll hold out his fork and make a noise that he wants help putting some food on it). Brennan, on the other hand, is the one who needs special attention at meals. Man, I wonder if I waited too long to let Brennan feed himself. I never did like to clean up messes. A big part of it really is personalities. Trevor knows when we sit down at the table (i.e. his booster seat) it means to eat and not play around. I sure hope Trevor can teach a thing or two to his brother.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

New Addition!

We're going to be needing one of these soon!!
We will be adding Baby #3 to our family April 24th!

Brennan says it's going to be a girl and we're going to name her "Baby Babazon"! HA! Brennan is a crack up and we love it and refer to the future baby as Baby Babazon. 

Training for my half marathon was trickier this year because of being pregnant. I wasn't always feeling great when I needed to get my runs in. However, the day of my run was perfect and I felt great! 

We're definitely in for another adventure. We'll see how it is going from 2 kids to 3.

Hartford Half Marathon - round two

My sister and I drove to Hartford CT this past weekend to run the Hartford ING Half Marathon for the second year in a row. It's always fun to run the same race twice to try for a better time and see the course again. This year Logan and my boys stayed home and didn't have to be drug along. Once again Logan (and great friends) was super great to let me go. I tell you, our boys sure love him and love any extra time they can get with him. 

This year was colder than last year. The race morning started out at 27 outside. It was maybe 38/40 by the time we finished at 10am. It was actually perfect. I wore shorts with a tank top and long sleeve shirt. My sister gave me her gloves walking to the starting line because I forgot mine. I have circulation issues with my fingers in the cold. They go numb and turn blue and then start to hurt (Raynauds?) I was so happy to wear the gloves because I wore them the whole time. I didn't even need to take my long sleeve shirt off. When we ran into shade areas there was a slight breeze and frost still on the grass. It was perfect running conditions! Not too hot or cold.

13,000 people run the marathon, half marathon, and a 5k. I love that there are so many people because, as a runner, you are always surrounded by people. You pass people you get passed. It's great to have a constant slow of people around you. 
Some of my favorite races have 10,000 + people running in them. (Crazy Legs)

 Taken by the ING photographers somewhere along the race.

Race photo. LOTS of people!!!

California Trip

Two weekends ago I was able to go to California to visit my sister. Because of great friends and a wonderful husband I was able to go alone and leave my two boys. It really was only a long weekend trip (Thursday-Sunday).

I flew down to Southern California to participate in Sew Funky Market Place with my sister. We both have Etsy shops and have been selling online for a few years . Edith has recently participated in a few craft fairs and has plans for more in the future. We had talked early this year about me joining her for this market and it just happened to work out.

Here is our booth set up together. My stuff was on the right side of the table, Edith's on the left. I brought my lunch bags, snack sacks, and yoga mat bags. Edith has beautiful zipper pouches and kids bags. For a closer look check them out here.
We wanted to take a picture next to each other to see how we do? look like each other. Many people asked if we were twins. Maybe not twins but I think you can tell we're sisters.  Our noses are different :)

Our beautiful booth.  This was a great experience for me to participate in a market. It was fun to meet others starting out and vendors who have been back time and time again.