Wednesday, September 28, 2011

 A little over a month ago Logan, Brennan, Trevor, and I went and picked peaches. They were $1/lb. They were huge and beautiful!! Apparently we got 65 lbs. They added up quickly as they were so easy to pick. The trees were just heavy with peaches.

I LOVE dried fruit. I'm not a huge jam person so we bought these peaches with the intentions of drying them. We had to wait a day for them to really get ripe. Then they all turned ripe at the same time. Logan began to panic, but I wasn't worried. He was reminded of his youth when his mom would get boxes and boxes of fruit for canning.  They would all turn ripe at the same time and his mom would enlist the help of him and his brothers.
 After drying the bulk of peaches, I thought it might be nice to have some peaches we canned this winter. I didn't have any bottles or a water bath canner, so I drove to Target to buy them! I figured it was time to own them. 
 The peaches turned out great - i.e. they all sealed. It's not yet so we haven't tasted them ;)
 After we dried some peaches, made peach puree for Trevor, canned many peaches, we still had enough to make some jam. Logan eats a lot of peanut butter sandwiches these days so fresh homemade jam spices things up a bit.
 Logan made the jam while I was finishing up the canned peaches. He also made some freezer jam! Both of with are amazing. I don't love jam, but I like it every now and then. I had a peanut butter sandwich yesterday and loved it because of the yummy peach jam.

PEARS - - -

Right now our house has a wonderful spicy pear aroma floating about. I'm making peach butter in the crock pot. It's been cooking down all day and smelling delightful.

My friend heard about a great deal on pears. A bushel for $16. I got a bushel and a half. I dried them, of course, and made puree for Trevor. With the extra pears I made puree for pear butter. The first batch went in this morning. I'll probably leave it on low over night (in the crock pot)? It still has a ways thicken up and it's almost bed time.

We didn't take pictures this time around (of the pears). Life has been pretty busy.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Trevor at 6 Months

These pictures were taken from 5-6 months old. Trevor is growing up fast. Today was his 6 month dr appointment.

Trevor is 17 lbs - 45%. He was 70% at 4 months. He is very active and moves around all the time.
        He is 27" long - 75%. He's still on the same curve for height.  He's growing longer and thinning out. He's still a little chunk, but his moving body is thinning him out.

 Brennan loves sharing his toys with him. He's trying to physically put a toy in Trevor's hand.

 He always wants to be on his belly so he can see things better. He started scooting forward yesterday for the first time. He also pivots and rolls around the room like crazy.

He's sitting!! About 6 months exactly he started sitting on his own. He can last for quite a while before falling over.