Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Baby #3!!

We went to my 20 week ultrasound yesterday to find out we're having a Baby Girl!!! We're super excited. It will definitely be a change from what we're used to around here.  It still hasn't quite sunk in - mostly because we're busy thinking about the Christmas Holiday and everything that comes with it (i.e. shopping, travel plans, parties, finishing projects, etc). I think once after the New Year we'll be able to sit down and plan for a Girl!

Brennan decided a few weeks ago that instead of Bobazon (his original name for the baby), he in fact wants to name this baby Bevor (Like Trevor??). Logan told Brennan we needed to buy girls clothes since all we have are boy clothes. Brennan was pretty adamant we go to the store right after the ultrasound. We did run to Target for some other errands and walked past the baby girl clothes. We didn't buy anything for the new baby (because I'm always one to look for a deal on kids clothes - and nothing was on a great sale), but Brennan got some new underwear. He was quite pleased :) and forgot all about the fact we didn't get baby girl clothes.

We have some things to prepare in the next few months. The main things are: 1 - moving the boys in the same room and 2 - getting a bunk bed for the boys. And of course many more things that I'm sure will arise. We'll see how this "two to three kids" things goes.