Monday, January 27, 2014

Winter in NY

 Hazel sure loves to play with her brothers toys when they share. This Woody is her favorite.
All bundled up! Trevor and Hazel were both too sick to go to church. So why not take them on a walk in the cold? They were warm enough and with Logan as their Dad, why stay inside?

Our standing girl. She's getting so big and strong, yet still teeny tiny. She's 5th percent in height and 10th percent in weight.
 Everyone loves the red swing at the park. I still don't understand why.
Butterfly garden at the children's museum. The first time in 2.5 years that we've lived here that we went to check it out. The boys loved it! So did Logan and I :) Hazel is always a sport to go along with anything. . . unless it's nap or bed time. . . then she'll let you know.


  1. "When they share" Sounds a lot like what goes on at our house too...Hazel is getting so big! I can't get over how much hair she has. Cute girl!

  2. What the whu? TWO blog posts in just a few days! Yahoo! I hope you keep it up! I love "seeing" what you guys are up to. I wish there were indoor gardens around here. I miss Olbrich and that warm, humid garden they had. It's weird to me that I don't know Hazel. It's just wrong, really. :)

  3. "there's a rattlesnake in my boot"