Thursday, February 28, 2013

Christmas activites 2012

We stayed at the Jeppson house before heading to the Gandola's for Christmas. They boys loved playing with Sierra! Check out Trevor's shades :)
 Making ornaments! A few minutes late Brennan starting mushing colored clay together to form more "ornaments". Needless to say we didn't bake those.

It might have been Christmas vacation we learned Trevor loves to sleep with his blanket over his head?! Brennan and Trevor did GREAT falling asleep in the same room at the same time our whole vacation. I guess there were a few nights with some delay - i.e. Brennan pushing Trevor down because he was standing in his pack and play AND Brennan taking Trevor's blanket because he wanted that one. They seem to be good friends and it worked out well. I'm glad because we have yet to put them in the same room before baby #3 comes (6-8 weeks away. . . ).

California Christmas Activities

"Aunt Pam's house it like Disney Land". That's what Aunt Beth's boys think. Brennan has never been to Disney Land, but I think he would agree. Pam had great activities for the kids each day of the holiday break we were there. She does a great job at getting the kids involved in projects and things to do.
The capes Benjamin has on were a huge hit! Aunt Pam and Beth even made 4 up quickly for the Spencer boys for Christmas because they asked for them (the boys thinking for later in the year or next Christmas??).
 Making ornaments.
 Dad being silly with the boys.

 Candy bracelets! Candy anyone? Brennan won't oppose.

Ginger Bread Houses! Getting the candy ready.

 The Jeppson Family.

 The Spencer Family.

 The Gandola Family.

 The Dance Family.

Brennan wasn't as into this as we thought. Trevor was the one helping by putting gumballs on the house. Brennan was going overboard eating candy and creating a mess. Trevor had his fair share of eating, but he loved helping.

 The Gandola's and Jeppson's.
We said we were going to have a judge (Uncle Steve who was out of the room most of the activity) but it didn't happen. We also didn't start eating these until a few days after the activity - there were treats all over the house :)

Christmas season beginning

 Our boys enjoying the Christmas decorations. The nativity set was a favorite of both boys.

Brennan looked forward to seeing Santa. He asked for a chocolate bar! Pretty easy to please. Each time I asked him during December what he wanted for Christmas he would look around the room and say something that he already has. I don't think he quite gets it yet. That's fine with me. He loved each part of the festivities.
 Boy handsome boys. Trevor didn't quite know what to do about Santa. Brennan sure was happy.
Trevor enjoying the Primary kids performing the nativity story. He's too cute with his long hair (cut short a few weeks after this picture).

 The Sunbeams were sheep. I made these ears for Brennan. I think they're pretty sweet.