Sunday, April 22, 2012

Recent Happenings

Here are some random pictures of what we've been doing lately. A mix of the last few months.
 Trevor loves to swing (at the park near our house) and climb up on bathroom counter stool.
 Brennan's finally got a bike with training wheels. I found his bike at Savers last Fall, but there were no training wheels on it. We ended up buying a small bike with training wheels on Craigslist and took the training wheels off that bike (since this red bike was in better condition). We also got a tricycle all for $10! Cheaper than training wheels in the store - pretty good deal!
 Trevor loves to climb up on the table to get closer to the trains.
 Someone loves to discover dirt.
 We've been going on a lots of runs since the weather is getting nicer.
 Wheelbarrow rides with Dad!
A cold day doesn't always stop Brennan when he wants to ride his bike. Trevor loves it just as much!

Side Door

 A few Saturdays ago Logan ripped out our old side door. It was so warped over time that the top left corner didn't even close all the way. There were three locks on the door over time that had all failed because of the shifting door (the locks no longer alined). I wanted to get a picture of the door but by the time I woke up Logan had already ripped the door out!! Here's the open space.
 Inside our house. All the inside molding torn out. There will be some plaster needing to be replaced. :(
 It's fun to see the layers of the wall. The outside aluminum siding, wood siding, insulation, and lath and plaster.

 The new door to the right.

 Daddy's little helper.
 Brennan enjoying lunch on the couch with a movie while Daddy worked on the door. A good place to keep him out of the way.


Our ward held an Easter egg hunt for the Primary children. Brennan was so excited for the day to come. He would ask me every day that week how many days until the Easter Hunt. He talked about taking his yellow basket or orange pumpkin. We even wanted to bring a little net (one of his toys) to pick the eggs up and put them in his basket with. I nixed that before he got his hopes up. He decided on his pumpkin bucket - what he used last year as well.

 Eating some snacks with the junior primary before heading out to find the eggs.

 Waiting in line to head out. Another girl forgot a basket and used a lost and found Halloween basket. Brennan had a buddy! :)
 Looking for eggs.
 Showing his friend all the eggs he had found. Each child was supposed to bring 10 filled eggs. Each kid was allowed to find 10 eggs so everyone got an equal amount.
 Brennan and a friend showing the eggs they found.

                                           Obviously someone had just eaten a strawberry.

 The whole Primary (Junior and Senior) after the egg hunt.

Easter Sunday
We had some friends over for dinner on Easter Sunday. We thought it would be fun to hide a few eggs for the kids. Because it was a bit cold and raining we hid the eggs in our living room. It was quite comical.
 Waiting to begin the search. One, Two, Three. . .  Go!