Monday, September 10, 2012

Busy Fall and Pre-School

Life just doesn't seem to slow down. I keep thinking things will slow down a bit after . . . (fill in the blank), but things just seem to keep going. I'm figuring out that's what life is all about.

Logan painted our deck last weekend. He finished it a while ago, but it still needed to be stained. He just got busy one day and finished it one afternoon. (you can see it in the pictures below) Logan has also been busy with scouts. He planned a high adventure trip for the boys since they didn't attend the stake trip. Logan has also been running more - his knee hasn't been bothering him :) We have a few 5k's we're going to run together this next month.

I've been busy with Etsy lately. I guess that's a good thing right? I'm actually flying to California the first week in October to attend a craft fair with my sister. I've been busy sewing for that AND trying to keep up with Etsy orders. I've also been training for the Hartford ING half marathon. I ran it last year with my sister and we're planning on doing it again this year. It's the 2nd weekend in October. Yes, October will also be a busy month.

Brennan started pre-school last week. He was really excited to go. Brennan went around to a few pre-schools in the area to see which one we liked better. He was happy with the one we chose just like Logan and I are.

 Trevor and Brennan before taking Brennan to his first day. They sure play well together.
I'm looking into finding a music class or story time for Trevor and I while Brennan is at school. I feel like our little one needs some one on one attention. He's pretty easy going and happy with whatever :) I hope it doesn't change.
Little buddies!