Monday, March 11, 2013

Logan's Mom in town!

 Logan and his mom went to visit House of Guitars while visitng. We had never been inside - I still haven't because I was home while Trevor was napping. What a cool place! It's known nation wide.
 Stuff/music everywhere. I'm sure they have some sort of system for placing things and know where things are, but wow!

My sweet boys after church while Grandma was babysitting.

Idaho New Year

 After our Christmas trip to CA we headed to ID to visit Logan's family. Logan and his brothers did a great job chopping wood for his parents. They made a huge pile!

The boys loved stories from Grandma.

Kids night out! We enjoyed an evening out eating dinner. We all got babysitters and left the kids to enjoy an adults night. Highly recommended.

Christmas 2012

 Christmas Eve nativity and scripture reading. 

 Saying goodnight on Christmas Eve with their new Pajamas.

Coming down the stairs Christmas morning.

 "Little Doggy!" This boy is obsessed with dogs. He LOVES them.

 Brennan wanted a toothbrush travel holder so bad. It's a good thing Santa knew that.

Besides dogs, trucks are Trevor's next favorite. He notices them on the road all the time and point them out. Santa knew again!

 The joy in watching others open present too.

Sierra and Brennan in new clothes (dress and pj's). Brennan asked Santa for a chocolate bar. Pretty easy to please this kid is :)

Sleeping - either Christmas eve or Christmas night? Not sure. They both loved every minute with their cousins.